YMCA Ryedale is a part of the largest youth charity in the world

YMCA Ryedale is a local, independent Charity. We have supported the local community for over 25 years; providing supported accommodation for young people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and/or are vulnerable. We work with other agencies and have an application process to identify suitable residents.

Before living at YMCA Ryedale I was a pretty bad person. I was involved in most crime and getting up to no good. After being sentenced at Crown Court, I was kicked out of my accommodation making me homeless. My crime increased and I legit thought prison life was the end of the line for me, then I was homed in the YMCA. Since living at Ryedale YMCA I feel that staff and residents have helped and supported me become a good member of the community. Staff have helped me with things varying from setting up Housing Benefit to helping me find bargains in the charity shops. They have helped me think positive as well as supported me with life and obstacles that have been thrown my way.

Jason Smith - Former YMCA Ryedale Resident

YMCA Ryedale is a small housing project founded in 1996. We provide accommodation and support to young people and vulnerable adults with an identified support need who would otherwise be homeless. Although we are banded under the YMCA franchise, our funding streams and the management of our project/support schemes are fully independent.
Our aim is to enable young people to live successful independent lives and to be able to sustain a tenancy in their own right. To achieve this we run a pre tenancy training program alongside a dedicated support package tailored to each resident. We work tirelessly with external services to signpost young people in need towards improving mental health, physical health, substance misuse, offending and employability. Sometimes it is tough, young people with complex needs can be difficult to reach – but with time, patience and support we can and do achieve great things. Testament to this is the young people who return to visit the project with jobs, families and success stories they attribute to having received great support during their stay with us.


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